Welcome to Dance Orlando


September 6, 2013 by Nicole

Welcome (back) to Dance Orlando, the official blog for The Center for Contemporary Dance! I’m Nicole, the new managing editor. Our sincere hope is that this blog will become a place where you can get to know us and also explore and discover the state of dance in Orlando and the greater Central Florida area.

Who are we? We’re a community that cares about dance and the arts in Central Florida. This blog was originally launched by Craig W. Johnson and Dario J. Moore, co-founders of The Center for Contemporary Dance. We will use this space to share news and highlight our ever-growing team of professional dancers, dance educators, dance anthropologists, arts administrators, students, choreographers, producers, writers, dance lovers and arts supporters. But we want more.

We want Dance Orlando’s writers and community members to help us create this space and develop this community. One way we can achieve that is by providing better ongoing dialogue about the things you want to learn about…so, we want to hear from you! Please join us in discovering and cultivating dance in Orlando by sharing news, opinions and asking questions.

Like many blogs, our comments are moderated. We just ask that you keep them on-topic, friendly and free of inappropriate language or material.

We hope this becomes a collection of voices, opinions and perspectives that will give us a picture of the current state and anticipated future of dance in Orlando, striving to answer the questions: What role does dance currently play in our local artistic landscape and where is it headed?  How do we cultivate a strong and diverse culture of dance in Central Florida?  What’s working to accomplish this and what’s not?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dance Orlando

  1. Maggie Flint says:

    I love The Center for Contemporary dance including Mr. Dario and Miss. Andrea and the other staff members because they’re compassionate and they’re family to me. 🙂

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