What Does Dance Healthy Mean?

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September 6, 2013 by Nicole

dance-healthy-590Dance has to be one of the highest expressions of the mind-body connection. Dancers’ bodies are their instruments – and the single most important responsibility any dancer has is keeping both mind and body healthy.

What does that mean for us? For our purposes here, at this blog, we would like to open the dialogue about what dancing healthy means and offer tips & resources to achieve that goal. Dance has been the subject of some nasty myths as well as some unfortunate realities. But we think the time has come to dispel the myths and promote a healthier reality for the future of dancers. We believe dancing healthy is the only way to dance your best.

The concept of Dance Wellness is catching on. In fact, the Dance department at Case Western Reserve University now has a Dancer Wellness Program, a program designed to assist dancers, dance educators, and the medical practitioners who care for dancers. This innovative program was designed to help prevent and assist in rehabilitating injuries & make training more efficient and effective, which promotes career longevity, as well as give educators and medical professionals quantifiable data that can help them understand and address the specific physical demands of dancers.

Look to this space in the future for posts related to injury prevention, nutrition advice and other tips to help nurture you own mind-body connection.

What dance health topics would you like to see discussed?


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