Instrumental Irrationality

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January 16, 2014 by Nicole

You’re invited to attend Coby Project’s Instrumental Irrationality, debuting this weekend at The Center for Contemporary Dance. Coby Project is an artist in residence at CCD, with the goal of bringing like-minded artists together to live and grow through the use of improvisational movement. Instrumental Irrationality explores improvisational movement in a variety of venues and aims to challenge the expectations and definitions of contemporary dance.

Nikki Peña, Artistic Director of Coby Project, explains that “the work will showcase a series of site-specific dance films inspired by the antithesis of rational definitions of dance. From isolation to public spaces, dancers are challenged to reassess their own comprehension of dance.”

Dancers will also be challenged through the live performance aspect of Instrumental Irrationality. Accompanied by local musician Tom Infande, dancers will perform different improvisational concepts in randomly selected groupings. This leaves each piece open to chance.


I’ve not personally had the experience of watching an improvised dance performance…the idea alone is pretty intimidating. Nikki told me “it has been truly humbling and inspiring to work with such open-minded and diverse artists through this project. It seems to be that this specific combination of energies allows the creation of magnificent moments. With improvisation, in any setting, energy is the root of creation. If you aren’t “feeling it” it can lead to an unsteady awkwardness or lack of connection. This group melds together well through open communication and the ability to thrive off of challenges.”

I found it really interesting the way Coby Project is exploring collaboration while maintaining individual expression. Nikki explained it as “we operate on the idea that we are all on this journey together; we are individual but we are one. Our energies are like dominos, one easily affects the other and our awareness is essential. Instrumental Irrationality has allowed us to grow as artists and human beings through the crucial  element of collaboration.”

Instrumental Irrationality
Sunday, January 19
Sunday, January 26
3580 Aloma Avenue #7
Winter Park, FL
$12 (advance)/$15 (at the door)
Seating is limited.

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