What to do Over Spring Break?

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March 26, 2014 by Nicole

Spring Break

Like other area institutions, The Center for Contemporary Dance is on Spring Break this week. Most dance schools follow their local school system’s calendar, so chances are good that if you’re not currently on break, you will be soon. What does that mean for your dance training?

To start, a week off, even completely off, won’t be detrimental. If you’ve been overly tired, feeling rundown or burned out or think you may be nursing an injury, the week off is a great time to focus on physical and mental recovery. We all need time to recharge.

There are also ways to stay engaged in your dance training without pushing your body. This could be a good time to review and reevaluate your dance journal. Take stock of what you’ve written. How are you addressing this information – is it resonating? Can you see progress? Is the format working for you? Is there anything you want to do differently? The break week is a great time to think about these questions and make a plan to implement changes. Remember to make your goals SMART.

Spring Break is also a good time to finalize your summer plans, especially if you’re considering intensive programs. If you’re finished with auditions, it can be a quiet week to weigh out your options and make final decisions. If you haven’t, it’s a slow(er) time to finish any audition materials you’re still working on and get those submitted.

I also like to recommend break times as opportunities to try complimentary training methods like yoga, which utilizes similar muscles in different ways and further forges your mind-body connection or strength training. It’s a nice way to stay “in your body”, even if you need a dance break. Both of these things can be found in gyms/studios around town or right in your home, so no excuses! For low-cost options, check out a DVD from your local library or search the internet for available streaming/downloads.

Or, you could be dancing. CCD is offering a Spring Dance Intensive this week. If you’re participating in a program like this, it’s a fantastic opportunity to really pinpoint areas you want to improve. If you’re not in a program, maybe you’ve found an alternate studio offering classes while yours is on break…try one a level down from your normal class level. Or try a new style. Breaks are also a great time to focus on refining what you’ve been working on and/or experiment.

Do you have break goals? Or are you able to just truly take off? Tell me about it in the comments section!

About the author: I’m a professional communicator with a love of dance, entertainment and constant improvement. You can find me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Image courtesy of freerangestock.com


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