(Dance) Teacher Appreciation Week


May 9, 2014 by Nicole

For anyone who wasn’t aware, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and that most certainly includes your dance teachers!

Contrary to examples in current pop culture, dance teachers don’t spend the majority of their time in front of a camera, sitting & screaming, while working on their endorsement and product line deals.

The dance teachers I know, now and throughout my life, spend countless (unpaid) hours thinking about their students and new ways to encourage and motivate them, hand-stoning costumes and counseling discouraged students after classes on why they should stick with it or what they can do to improve.

They put time and effort into your evaluations. They’re there with you through tech week, loooong dress rehearsals (you know the ones) and competition weekends. It could be their birthday. Or anniversary. Doesn’t matter. They’re in the auditorium with you.

I had dance teachers show up to my skating rink birthday parties (obviously when I was much younger) and I’ve heard other current ones say some variation of “I was up at midnight thinking about how to get a particular student to straighten their knees through a tendu.”

Your dance teachers are professional educators who care about their jobs, their students and their own unique contributions to the dance community. Everyone here at Dance Orlando sends a warm and genuine THANK YOU! to dance professionals. We couldn’t do it without you. You are appreciated.

Anyone have any special teacher stories? I’d love to hear them in the comments section!

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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