Dance on TV This Week


August 2, 2014 by Nicole

This week’s So You Think You Can Dance brought a double elimination and a week closer to the eagerly anticipated All Star round. The pressure of 4 dancers going home this week seemed to bring out the best in everyone….including the choreographers. This was overall the most enjoyable week of Dance to date.

From the moment the episode started, there seemed to be a more defined focus. They danced the opening group number incredibly well….and together. There were several moments throughout the show that I thought to myself “they look like a company.” That’s what I love seeing on this show – professional-level dancing and choreography.

And that’s exactly what we got in the group numbers from Travis Wall and Mandy Moore. The women’s number was so beautiful – but even more than that, it was powerful. The ladies showed us what corp work looks like – they looked like they’d been dancing together forever. Then men’s number was just as impactful, and a wonderful blend of masculinity and femininity, danced to great effect.

What else worked for me this week? The Travis Wall contemporary piece for Jessica and Casey, new partners this week. I thought this number was a perfect combination of movement, concept and music. And it was danced extraordinarily well.

Which brings me to what didn’t work for me this week: the judges tipped their hands early during the critique this week, pretty much assuring Jessica & Casey they would be the ones to stay. I thought it was less than classy move on their parts. On the other hand, it’s also reality. I have to hand it to the other in-danger dancers, who I’m sure heard the praise their rivals received. They still danced like it mattered – they made it count. All 6 of the solos this week were delivered with passion and precision. And that’s how I’d want to go out – knowing that I gave it everything I had, my very best. Because the truth is, sometimes that’s how it goes. You can do your very best…and still get cut.

So, that’s what I thought…what did you think of this week’s episode?


2 thoughts on “Dance on TV This Week

  1. Bill says:

    Im really missing the show since I returned to Australia. All of the dancers are great

    • Nicole says:

      Good point – even when I’m underwhelmed with the show, the dancers are so talented. Sorry you’re missing the show…perhaps there’s a way to stream the episodes or at least watch the individual routines? Thanks for visiting Dance Orlando!

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