You Can Help Send 8 Year Old Dance Phenoms to Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive

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June 29, 2015 by Nicole

UPDATE (7/14):

Photo courtesy of Lisbet Photography.

Two young dancers in our community, Noe Leilani and Isobel Rose, have been accepted into the Summer Intensive Program at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. This alone is an achievement, as the minimum age to audition for a Joffrey Summer Intensive is ten.

The intensive program is designed to expand pre-professional dancer’s artistic and technical abilities, which is why many have age restrictions.

Despite being two years below the age requirement for even a Joffrey audition, one of the preeminent programs in the country, these young artists were also awarded full tuition scholarships after capturing the attention of Joffrey Ballet School faculty this past May. The scholarships awarded to the girls fully cover their tuition expenses. However, there remains a balance of $3,500 for housing and supplies for both girls.

“I know that I was made to be a dancer,” says Noe, “So I know that I have to work incredibly hard. My family sacrifices so much so that I can dance.”

Photo courtesy of Lisbet Photography.

Both families live on modest incomes and have recently experienced major financial hardships.

“It feels like a miracle that the girls were awarded scholarships to Joffrey at such a young age,” says Noe’s mother, Nylda, “It’s terrible to think that they may lose the opportunity because we can’t afford the expenses not covered by their scholarships.”

Both families do what they can to support the girls’ dance education, but anything beyond what they are currently doing is beyond their means. This is where you can help!

  • Visit the girls’ campaign at Indiegogo Life and make a contribution.
  • Donations to the girls can also be made by using this Contributor’s Form and sending gifts via post to: The Center for Contemporary Dance, 3580 Aloma Avenue #7, Winter Park, FL  32792.

Contributions must be received by July 20, 2015 in order to meet the Joffrey Ballet School payment deadline.

Says Isobel, “Knowing that there are people that want to see me go to Miami for an intensive, that want me to have this opportunity to be pushed and learn, feels like family coming together.”  Isobel’s mother Heather adds, “We are so grateful to have the support of The Center for Contemporary Dance and the community in helping the girls to achieve their dreams.”

Both girls are pre-professional dance students at the Center for Contemporary Dance.

“Noe and Isobel have an incredible gift and a work ethic to match,” says Dario J. Moore, Artistic Director of The Center for Contemporary Dance. “These young artists are two of the finest examples of emerging artists with a real future in dance.  They represent the next generation of artistic quality in Central Florida; we owe it to these young ladies and our cultural future to extend our full support.”


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